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A to Z summary by the letter



TheScriptA2Z: Adele

American tour, 2009

The Road to Happiness: Kindness in Action

Make a difference with little things

Music and Words: Ave Mary A by P!nk

Tuesday Track


#TheScriptA2Z: Ben Sargeant

Bass player, session musician

The Road to Happiness: B is for Beautiful

Anonymous messages to boost confidence

Music and Words: Interview with a Book Blogger, Rosie Amber


#TheScriptA2Z: Crowd run

The desire to connect with the audience

The Road to Happiness: Kind celebrities

“Wherever there is a human being there is an opportunity for kindness.” – Seneca

Music and Words: C for music critics and The Cure

The harsh relationship of artists and critics


#TheScriptA2Z: D for Danny O’Donoghue

Singer, songwriter, musician, one-time chancer, front man of The Script.

The Road to Happiness: The decision to be kind

Being unkind never “just happens”. There always are other options.

Dublin Music News

A bit of good, sad and folk.


#TheScriptA2Z:Exit Wounds by The Script

This 4:25-minute long song is about the damage relationships can cause.

The Road to Happiness: Excel in Kindness

The best of Live Aid and Live 8 concerts

Music is everywhere: E for Educational Blogger

A blogger posting daily of historical events tells us about what music means in her life.


#TheScriptA2Z: F for Fans, #TheScriptFamily

I find it adorable that The Script refer to their fans as “family”.

The Road to Happiness: The Kindness of a Fandom

It was the beginning of this year when someone close to The Script shared a story on twitter about a very sick little girl who had only weeks left and wanted to go home to her family.

Music is everywhere: Music in Films

I personally find a lot of music through films – a lot more than through the radio. Tunes can be …


#TheScriptA2Z: G for Glen Power

Drummer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist of The Script, the main fan-coordinator in the band.

The Road to Happiness: Guidance from Buddha on kindness

“Believe nothing merely because you have been told it…Do not believe what…”

Music is everywhere: Tuesday Track for Goodbye Godric

Nathan Barr wrote this amazing little piece for the TV series, True Blood. I took a spin on it with …


#TheScriptA2Z: H for Health Threats

The first year after the release of the first album brought not only unexpected success to the band but also some unfortunate incidents that put their health in danger.

The Road to Happiness: H for Henry David Thoreau

“The kindness I have longest remembered has…

Music is everywhere: Healing with music

The powers of music are truly incomprehensible and equal. “I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression …


#TheScriptA2Z: I for Inspirations

Every artist has someone special who set them off on that particular journey, whose creations inspired them to be the artists today. The Script’s lads found that in various musicians.

The Road to Happiness: Kind Imagination

I was just musing about this: how important imagination actually is when it comes to kindness…

Music is everywhere: International and national categories on music awards

As the Brits took place recently, I found myself wondering about how they define the categories for certain acts. The …


#TheScriptA2Z: J for Jessie J

Jessie J was on The Voice UK’s coach panel in its first 2 years with Danny O’Donoghue.

The Road to Happiness: Kind Jokes

Sometimes the kindest thing to do is to make someone smile. In fact, it’s…

Music is everywhere: Jovial relations of Ireland and the UK

In line with the successful visit of the Irish president to London and Windsor, BBC Radio 6 is also celebrating …


#TheScriptA2Z: K for Kay

Once upon a time The Script lost a girl, code-named “Kay”. And you guessed it right, they wrote a song about it.

The Road to Happiness: The key to kindness

The key to kindness is when you realise it’s not…

Music is everywhere: Interview with a blogger from the kitchen

Please welcome Mary from Dine Off The Page in today’s A to Z Challenge blog interview about “Music is Everywhere”! …


#TheScriptA2Z: L for Label

The band was signed up by Phonogenic Records which is a joint venture with Sony Music.

The Road to Happiness: Levenson’s Advice

“For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness…”

Music is everywhere: Lunar Music

I’m sitting here getting more and more agitated with this letter L that’s left me so uninspired. In a desperate …


#TheScriptA2Z: M for Mark Sheehan

Mark Sheehan (also known as Marc Sheehan) is a Dublin-born musician, producer, lead guitarist, composer and financial wizz of The Script.

The Road to Happiness: The Kindness of Meditation

Just a couple decades ago meditation was one of those “hippy” things that “regular ” folks didn’t even talk about.

Music is everywhere: The Message by Andrea Begley

Andrea won The Voice UK’s competition last year. Her voice is like a fairy-tale, clear like the winter spring and …


#TheScriptA2Z: N for No Words

No Words is the 9th track on album #3 released in 2012.

The Road to Happiness: Note to self about Openness and Quitting

Music is everywhere: N for No…

I was going through my music library for inspirations and I’ve found 3 songs that are strangely connected albeit very …


#TheScriptA2Z: O for On The Road

The Script has been on the road since 2007 only stopping for Christmas and for writing their albums.

The Road to Happiness: Note to self about Openness and Quitting

Music is everywhere: Oscar Wilde, Prompts and a Queen

I had a bit of delay last week so here it goes, a quick catch with the letters O, P …


#TheScriptA2Z: P for Photography

Let’s celebrate the official and non-official photographers of The Script with this post!

The Road to Happiness: The Paradoxical Commandments

People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.
Love them anyway.

Music is everywhere: Oscar Wilde, Prompts and a Queen


#TheScriptA2Z: Q for Queen

In June 2013 The Script played for the Queen in celebration of the opening of Broadcasting House, London.

The Road to Happiness: Note to self about Openness and Quitting

Be kind to yourself today. Look…

Music is everywhere: Oscar Wilde, Prompts and a Queen


#TheScriptA2Z: Rodney Alejandro

Rodney Alejandro, touring keyboardist of The Script, is an American musician, composer, arranger, producer and audio engineer raised in Houston, Texas.

The Road to Happiness: Remain kind

Even under tough circumstances: remain kind.

Music is everywhere: Revenue in the music industry

“You ask me why I spend my life writing? Do I find entertainment? Is it worthwhile? Above all, does it … ”


#TheScriptA2Z: S for Spotify

Join for a month of fan-promotions for The Script in May!

The Road to Happiness: My 12 steps

I thought I’d dedicate this post to the 12 steps I’m taking this year to be a happier person.

Music is everywhere: Speed the Fire by Bo Bruce

This is a magical performance from Bo Bruce, another contestant from The Voice UK. (Don’t let it discourage you, she’s …


#TheScriptA2Z: T for The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

It is one of the greatest singles of The Script, still the one they’re most identified with in most parts of the world, even though it was released in 2008.

The Road to Happiness: T for Tenderness

Kindness is tenderness…

Music is everywhere: Interview with a traveller

Please welcome another AtoZ-er, the lovely Silvia! Can you tell us a little about your blog and why you started …


#TheScriptA2Z: U for Unique Sound

Is the rather ambivalent “celtic soul” a term that would describe their music?

The Road to Happiness: Kindness of the Uniform

It’s a tough job to be a police officer, a firefighter, a soldier. Most of the times they would meet the ugly side of being a human and …

Music is everywhere: Discover the uncharted territory within

Would you like to challenge yourself and get feedback on your posts? Join the Music Prompt blog hop! For me …


#TheScriptA2Z: V for The Voice UK performances

A collection of Danny’s performances on The Voice UK.

The Road to Happiness: Vanity vs kindness

Kindness is about putting others first, even for a second, vanity is when we expect others to put us first…

Music is everywhere: V for Vincent Van Gogh

I know it’s very late but here’s a lovely compilation of the great Van Gogh with Starry Starry Night of …


#TheScriptA2Z: W for We Cry

The first single of The Script that put the band on the map with their unique sound.

The Road to Happiness: Wounds vs kindness

It’s hard to write about kindness when I’m feeling wounded…

Music is everywhere: W for Werewolves, vampires and other fantasy writers

Please welcome a fellow A to Z Challenge participant, Tasha, who is mostly a vampire fan but doesn’t shy away …


#TheScriptA2Z: X for the ex-collection

eXcommunicated, eXcuses, eXplain, eXit – can you guess the songs?

The Road to Happiness: The extra mile

Every customer service training emphasizes the importance of going that extra mile for the customers and there are many businesses who…

Music is everywhere: X for the Cross artists bear

Music as an art can be seen as “easy entertainment”. Songs are short (compared to a novel for example), and …


#TheScriptA2Z: Y for YouTube

All about The Script on YouTube. [Right, not “all”. Just some 🙂 ]

The Road to Happiness: Your kindness

Just a quick post to say that your kind presence and activity on this blog means the world. It feels like I’ve company on…

Music is everywhere: Your Song by Elton John + extra 

This is one of those songs that can make me feel better even at the worst. It’s such a happy …


#TheScriptA2Z: Z for Zone

The Script have a special ritual before their gigs to get into “the zone”.

The Road to Happiness: Kindness Zone

The City of Angels Camp was Proclaimed an official Kindness Zone on February 17, 1995. Last year Ireland’s Cork…

Music is everywhere: Zeal for music

It’s undeniable that my zeal for music has made me a better person. From the very beginning it showed me …


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Learning to be unapologetically me but healthier. Shamelessly personifying my dog, Mia, who is my soulmate, though doesn't let me read as much as I used to. One day I'll finish a novel that will not save the world - but might make it smile.

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