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D for Dublin Music News

The post is part of the A to Z challenge of April and as every Friday it’s about bits and pieces of the music world I deemed interesting. Today we have a bit of good, sad and folk.

Tinie Tempah is coming to Dublin next Wednesday so Irish Mirror features a big interview with the rapper. Be prepared: he had a photo in it where he is NOT wearing his surely trademarked glasses! It’s a clever interview, he’s already buttering up the audience:

“Ever since I have been doing music, Ireland is one of the places where people really embrace what I do.”

He also reiterated his album approach: it’s all about producing popular singles:

“This is the day and age where it is all about the one specific song and songs from many different artists.”

Tinie will play in the O2 on the 9th of April and yours truly will be there.


In the next couple of days it’ll be 20 years since Kurt Cubain died. I was a huge fan in my teens after he was already playing his tunes in the other world (if there’s such a thing). When his body was found, the band was supposed to be playing in Dublin. I can’t imagine the disappointment of those people who were eagerly waiting to see Nirvana live and instead they learned that the lead singer is dead.

From the Irish Times:

In Dublin, distressed fans marched to the Phoenix Park carrying album sleeves and candles. Some were dressed in red-and-black jumpers, Cobain’s trademark, others in the grunge uniform of plaid shirt and ripped jeans.

Around the Wellington Monument they sat, disconsolate, as Smells Like Teen Spirit blasted out on cassette recorders: “I’m worse at what I do best / And for this gift I feel blessed / Our little group has always been / And always will until the end.”


And lastly, a little folksy melody from Morissey and Marshall of Dublin:


Any fans of Tinie, Kurt or Dublin here?

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2 comments on “D for Dublin Music News

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  2. Natasha Duncan-Drake
    7 April, 2014

    I was never a Kurt Cubain fan – definitely not my type of music at the time, but I always feel so sorry for fans who lose their favourite artist (as well as all the people who lose them personally of course). Being a fan can be such an important part of someone’s life and to lose a talent is always a shame.
    Tasha’s Thinkings – AtoZ (Vampires)
    FB3X – AtoZ (Erotic Drabbles)


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