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A to Z Reflection Post

Hard to believe it but yes, it’s true, April is over! Which doesn’t only mean that technically it’s only a month till summer but also that the daily blogging marathon in the spirit of the alphabet is OVER! We did it folks! With blood, sweat and tears but we persisted! So proud of every one of you.

survivor-atoz [2014]
What did I learn during the month?

As kindly asked by the organisers let me go through some of the learning points of the challenge. I participated with 3 of my blogs: apart from this one The Script Bible and The Road to Happiness and I also volunteered as an assistant to one of the organisers, Nicole. With the challenge my goal was:

  • to stress myself with the regularity of posting daily
  • to find similar blogs
  • to increase readership on the blog
  • to build connections on twitter
  • to have fun reading otherwise non-related blogs

So how did I do?

Posting regularly

I started to plan the posts WAAAY in advance. Had the topics nailed and almost all the post titles as well. But then as a major procrastinator, the actual writing of the posts didn’t happen in advance despite of all the plans. I wrote most of them on the day or the day before or sometimes a couple days in advance. But in April.

In retrospect if I’ll do multiple blogs again, advanced scheduling would make my life a lot less hectic.

Finding similar blogs

I haven’t found many blogs in the topic of music but I did find a number of bloggers (or they found me) rather interested in music. Hopefully we’ll be able to stay in touch.

Increase readership

As my blog is only 8 months old, my total views according to wordpress statistics is 4227. Out of which 2641, ie 62% happened in April. So that’s a brilliant step.

I received 96 comments in April which constitutes of 40% of all comments on this site. In April 26 people decided to follow the blog, which is 19% of all followers but in fairness at least as many or even more followed before the month began.

All in all, no disappointment here at all. I try not to compare myself to other blogs which seemed to be more noisy during the challenge but who knows where they started.


Twitter connections

Before April set off I created a list for bloggers on twitter and it now has 81 members. This includes everyone, active or inactive. I also took part in one of the AZchats which was a great way of touching base with the other tweeters. I think that was one of the new things in the challenge that has a lot of potential for later years, maybe extending it to other social media platforms.

Reading non-related blogs

Although I didn’t read other blogs every day, when I did, I went way over the average 5 – it’s hard to stop once you start. I found blogs in 4 ways:

  • those who commented/followed my blogs
  • those who used the hashtag on twitter
  • those who were assigned to me as an assistant
  • randomly selected ones from the list

labyrinth-wallpaper-1-1024x768This last one was great fun. I used to give me numbers which I then looked up on the list and read their latest post. I’ve found it so enjoyable, I plan to do it later as well! 🙂

The organising

I really liked the emphasis on the connections and the support to lesser visited blogs this year, I think it’s absolutely great. I haven’t read all the posts on the main blog but visited it at least twice a week. Some posts I enjoyed, some posts were useful, (some both!) and I think everyone found something for their own style. I was surprised the organising blogs didn’t receive more of the limelight but I think it’s the style of the challenge: it’s not about the few but about the many. I think some kind of discussion forum would be great so that bloggers in similar areas and/or with similar topics could connect. The overall noise of social media doesn’t really allow discussions like that. I’ve also found that writing blogs dominate the challenge, I hope that this can be perhaps expanded. I think the greatest asset of the challenge is its’ flexibility though and I’m glad it could be maintained all these years.

Next steps

All my favourite wordpress blogs are saved in my readers and twitter and G+ will be essential in keeping in touch with those on blogger. I’m a little worried that that will be more difficult, haven’t found a proper solution for collecting blogs from that platform. (All ideas welcome.)

The blogs themselves will continue their lives as usual, My Road To Happiness with focusing on Relationships,  The Script Bible on youtube and spotify, and here I’m trying to connect music and writing with weekly tracks as prompts for short pieces. Anyone is welcome to join as a participant and of course as a most precious reader!

music prompts square

If you haven’t, get in touch on twitter or on G+ as well.

Thank you again for accompanying me on this journey this year, hope you all had fun here and on other blogs and looking forward to read you soon!

Special thanks of course to Arlee and the co-hosts!







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10 comments on “A to Z Reflection Post

  1. Silvia Writes
    5 May, 2014

    Excellent, Andrea, that you entered with four blogs and got a lot out of the challenge. And great reflection post. I’m with you on the pre-scheduling.


    • Miss Andi
      7 May, 2014

      Thank you Silvia, glad you were part of that journey!


  2. lauraclipson
    5 May, 2014

    It really is so much easier to schedule your posts beforehand, I did mine on the day during my first year taking part in the challenge, and it was so hard!


    • Miss Andi
      7 May, 2014

      But the rest afterwards is brilliant though, isn’t it? 🙂


  3. clicksclan
    6 May, 2014

    Well done on completing the challenge.

    I love how in depth your Reflection post is. I like your idea of using to pick which blogs to visit. Towards the end of the challenge I stopped using the main list and switched over to working my way through the 100 followers or less one.

    I’m working through the Reflections posts now and trying to comment on as many as I can, then I’ll start on the Road Trip one. 🙂


    • hilarymb
      7 May, 2014

      Hi Andrea .. well done on completing the challenge – and glad you managed to find a few like-minded people who are into music .. quite a few around the challenge .. and you had 3 blogs .. amazing, I find it difficult with one! Enjoy the blogging fraternity and your music .. cheers Hilary


    • Miss Andi
      7 May, 2014

      Thank you. That’s a good idea, to go through those “little” blogs, I’ll need to check them out, too! Thanks for the visit!


  4. Tina Downey
    20 May, 2014

    I’m glad it was a good experience for you! We loved the chats, too and will definitely be keeping those, and adding more emphasis on other social media sites.
    One of goals is to fix this non-existent bridge between the two most popular platforms, and any suggestions are welcome!
    Tina @ Life is Good
    On the Open Road! @ Join us for the 4th Annual Post-Challenge Road Trip!


  5. Maria Dunn
    31 May, 2014

    I’m on the A to Z road trip and stopped by for a visit. Those of you who handle more than one blog at a time for the challenge just amaze me. I have trouble with just one. What a phenomenal accomplishment. I’m not much for following stats, but I do enjoy all I learn and those I meet along the way. Glad I stopped in. Maria @ “”


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