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Music Prompts: Dark Places

As part of the Music Prompt Challenge this fictional post was inspired by this week’s Tuesday Track.

They were laughing walking on the cobblestones as many around them in Dublin’s unusually warm summer night. The town was overcome with carefree hearts, ageless at this point, flying without any heavy weights slowing them down. The starry night embraced them filled with the smell of flowers, the laughter of the crowd, the sound of live music.

“For the sake of saving your leg from breaking, I suggest we go in here” he said in his pompous way that kept making her smile all evening.

“So you’re suggesting more drinks to save my ankles? How thoughtfully reverse psychology of you!” she teased him with an ease that did not usually come to her easily.

“My sis always says she can best walk in heels at 2am in the morning.”

“There’s usually some pain dimmer involved I suppose?” she asked playfully but then she lost her smile when he opened the door for her. The music was now pouring towards them freely and it stopped her in her tracks.

“Not today” she thought anxiously but there was no mistake: as some people shifted in the crowd she spotted the small stage in the corner. It seemed unlikely that the makeshift podium could carry the weight of the heavy instrument but there it was: a black piano.

“In or out luv?” she was asked and she quickly turned on her heels.

“Out. Out, out, out!”

Her dinner date couldn’t follow her quick enough. By the time he stepped out of the pub, she was gone, running in her 5-inch-heels in which she could hardly walk before, leaving only questions and confusion. He didn’t know why but he knew she was running from something that reminded her of a dark place she couldn’t face. He just wished she’d let him run in her company tonight.


I met the main character during one of my daydreaming sessions but never wrote her story down. Anyways, what did you think, what did draw you in and what was less clear?



About Miss Andi

Learning to be unapologetically me but healthier. Shamelessly personifying my dog, Mia, who is my soulmate, though doesn't let me read as much as I used to. One day I'll finish a novel that will not save the world - but might make it smile.

4 comments on “Music Prompts: Dark Places

  1. Pen of the Sheep
    9 May, 2014

    This great! I would love to know the rest of the story! I am actually very very intrigued! Great job!


  2. Maryann Holloway
    9 May, 2014

    The thought of music, particularly a piano brought on a strong emotion for her. I want to know why.


    • Miss Andi
      14 May, 2014

      Thanks Maryann, I’m glad you came by! I can’t say more about the why’s but you’re right, it was the piano.


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