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4×4 at the Ruby sessions

An Australian and a Hungarian go into a bar in Dublin…

It could easily be one of those dumb jokes but what do you know, it’s my life.

Late Tuesday afternoon, all tired out by the numbers I deal with at work, I got an invitation from the Ruby Sessions, a maillist I subscribed to months ago. I never went though, so when I saw the name that’s also on my “Live it up” list, Oliver Cole, I sent a quick message to my Australian friend: Shall we? It didn’t take her long to reply: we shall!

That’s how the two of us ended up on a spontaneous trip to Doyle’s to listen to four musicians playing four songs each. The cosy place on its first floor filled up quickly. It really succeeds to make you feel like you’re sitting in a very busy living room where your friends casually get up and play, and the whole night kept that informal trait thanks to the chatty organiser and host, Conor Donovan.

Quiet with Fields

First one up was Sean O’Brien, under the artist name Fields. His introspective attitude shone through not only in the melodic songs but also the way he seemed to get lost in them, making it a very honest performance.

Strength with Molly Sterling

He was followed by a cutely nervous Molly Sterling. Molly played for Ireland in the Eurovision song contest, “but she is a very good musician” Conor assured us before the singer came on stage. Conor was right. Molly has an amazingly strong voice, and the simple production suited it much better than the flairs of her “Playing with numbers” at the contest. Molly’s deep voice paired with the emotional piano, her partner’s guitar and quiet tenor, has a magical touch that draws you in. The confidence she had singing was an adorable contrast to the nervousness she showed when talking in between. No fake airs and graces there, she is definitely one to watch and hopefully will go far.

“Nothing” with Mark Austin

The next performance featured Mark Austin from The Minutes and his friends. During the banter with the audience they were quickly renamed to Nothing and played 4 songs.

Stories with Oliver Cole

Last one up was Oliver Cole, the artist I was eager to hear live after getting familiar with his new album, Year Of The Bird these past days. He didn’t disappoint. A true story-teller, it was great to hear the inspirations of the songs he played and the acoustic setup suited the quiet songs perfectly. From songs of Happy Prince, a rendition of the Oscar Wilde tale, to love songs like Ah Ooh Ooh, Magnolia was the most touching.


All in all

Ruby Sessions, 04.08.2015One word to describe the night: harmony

Most memorable song: Molly Sterling’s Silent Masquerade

The award for the best line goes to my friend about Ah Ooh Ooh: “it’s like a mating song” (she is right)

Special thanks to: the organisers for donating all proceedings of the night to Simon Community helping the homeless in Dublin.


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