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10 Classic Poems about Rain Everyone Should Read

Today’s “Blog Love” in Dee’s Love Is In Da Blog challenge and when this little gem showed up, I knew this was the one. At least for this week 🙂

We’ve some real torrential rain pouring down on this little island which makes me feel even farther away from everyone else than usual. So what better thing to do than bury me in some great poetry about the same rain.

Interesting Literature

The best poems about bad weather

‘Weather and rain have undone it again’: so Rudyard Kipling wrote in his poem ‘The Way through the Woods’. Poets have often been drawn to the harsh weather of wind and rain, either to celebrate it as a force of nature or to lament its ubiquity (at least in the British Isles!). From the opening words of Geoffrey Chaucer‘s The Canterbury Tales onwards, English poetry has often turned to the rain. Here are ten of the very best poems about rain and stormy weather.

Westron Wynde‘. This song (‘Western Wind’) dates from the early sixteenth century, and the tune to which it was sung influenced a raft of English composers such as the Tudor John Taverner (not to be confused with John Tavener). However, the words to the song may be from earlier, probably from the Middle Ages.

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One comment on “10 Classic Poems about Rain Everyone Should Read

  1. Bee Halton
    20 February, 2016

    We have enough bad weather around here to write poetry about it :-). I will check them out later. But what do they say in Germany? There is no bad weather just bad clothing 🙂


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