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#MusicMonday with Heather

I hit shuffle on my ipod.  The first artist to play?  Kacey Musgraves.  The second?  Metallica. To say that my musical taste is eclectic, is kind.  To say that it’s schizophrenic, is accurate. So, if your like me and your fave genre of music is “Amazing” then check out these artists for #MusicMonday.

#5 Best Kept Secret


Genre: Emo-Alternative  Their sound in five adjectives:  Intense, Real, Punky, Fun, Gnarly

You can find them next on the Emo Is Back Tour in April and May and on YouTube.  Until then, check out their song Stormy Weather from their debut album out later this year.

Twitter: @WeAreBKS

#4 Green Screen Kid


Genre: Pop-Rock  Their sound in five adjectives: Inspirational, Relatable, Catchy, Theatrical, Big.  Check out their song, Just Do My Thing.

You can find them on YouTube, Spotify, and itunes (where you can pre-order their new EP, Wild Like Hearts, available on April 26).

Twitter: @GSKband

# 3 Ships Have Sailed

ships have sailed

Genre:  Indie Alt-Pop  Their sound in five adjectives:  Upbeat, Inspiring, Happy but Deep, with a hint of Melancholy.  Check out their song, Drive.

They have a gig this Wednesday, March 9 at the Viper Room in LA, an upcoming tour in April, and an EP launch that’s nearing the horizon.  You can find them on YouTube, Spotify, itunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

Twitter: @ShipsHaveSailed

#2  Hayley Harland

Hayley Harland

Genre:  Indie Folk Pop  Her sound in five adjectives: Lyrical, Ethereal, Fresh, Hypnotic, Empowering.  Check out her song, Open Up.

She’s London based, so watch for upcoming gigs here.  You can find Hayley’s music on YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and itunes.

Twitter: @HayleyHarland

#1 Calling All Astronauts


Genre:  Dark Electro Indie Goth Punk with Politics  Their sound in five adjectives: Noisy, Incendiary, Passionate, Skillful, Rollicking. Check out their song, Empire.

Calling All Astronauts are releasing their latest album, Anti-Social Network, on March 11.  You can find them on YouTube, itunes, and Spotify.

Twitter: @CAA_Official

When you listened to the carefully selected songs above, tell us your opinion: which of them did you like the most? 

2 comments on “#MusicMonday with Heather

  1. lifestyle blogger
    7 March, 2016

    I was so happy to discover Hayley Harland! She has a unique style and impeccable vocal abilities. Very much enjoyed this post and look forward to more!


    • therealheatherpaige
      9 March, 2016

      Discovering and sharing music is what we’re all about, so I’m glad you had a listen and enjoyed the music. #MusicMonday will be here every Monday in March, so we hope you’ll drop by again next week! Until then, enjoy some of our other posts.


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