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Live Again (and dream big) with Lauren Highley

Lauren’s first EP is a great example to where music can take you if you trust it enough with your hopes and dreams, pain and fears.


The five songs were all written by the Southampton native when she rose from the ashes like a phoenix (Phoenix Rises) after a dark period. It promises us we can all get there, we can trust ourselves and those around us to put colour in our grey skies (Light Of My Life). They depict a journey of someone who feels deep, lives with open soul, getting scars and healing all at the same time, arriving to a point when she’s ready to spread her wings (Butterfly). And trust me, it’s a flight you’d wanna be part of.

I Promise: the opening song with a light ambience and some fun keys at play is about the significance of the truth and promises. It is followed through with the serious tone of the title song.

Live Again is a tribute to the “rainy days” and those who helped her through. It’ll make you want to hug all those who are there for you.

Phoenix Rises: “no more hiding”, Lauren promises herself pushing to let go and the bridge is one of the best examples when she allows her voice enjoy its own power.

I love the simple setup of Light Of My Life, the piano sets off her deep, soulful voice beautifully.

I heard Butterfly when it was just a demo. It was strong then but the new version makes it even more powerful, displaying Lauren’s voice at its best, urging us to “reach the sky soaring high”. If you can only listen to one song today, make it this one.

You can get the EP on iTunes.

Lauren’s own journey with anxiety made her realise how important it is to know that people are not alone in this. Besides music Anxiety UK plays an important part for her to get to terms with it, so wanting to give back, her album launch was organised to support the non-profit organisation with the proceedings.

To celebrate the release of her songs, I had a little chat with her.

Lauren, did you know Craig David was also from Southampton? Have you ever met him?

Yes, I did know Craig David was from Southampton, very proud of him. Never met him but when I was 21 and making  a demo, I was in the studio with someone who went to school with him.

Did your town influence your music?

Southampton is more of a port/dock with cargo ships and cruise liners but open spaces like seaside towns like Brighton definitely help me to get away from the world and use it as thinking time to write.

Which musicians inspired you to make this EP?

So many musicians inspire me but for this album it was mainly The Script and Take That.

Did you write the songs alone?

The lyrics and song melodies were all my own but the backing music was arranged and produced by my brother and my producer Luke Targett.

You have a brilliant voice, have you always been singing?

I’ve always sung but properly since I was about 11 years old. I took it more serious when I went to college at 16 to do performing arts.

What instruments do you play and which would you like to learn?

I used to play the flute when I was at school but have since forgotten. I know a few chords and notes on the piano but wouldn’t say I could play it. I would love to play the piano and sing at the same time on stage.

It seems like things happened to you very quick once you set your mind on it. What was the most difficult thing leading to your EP release?

Things did indeed happen very quickly but it is because of the help I received from The Famous Company who supported me as my A&R managers.

The most difficult thing about making the EP was writing songs that mean a lot to you and making sure you convey the right emotions so people can relate. A hard record to write as it’s very personal to me. Songs were changed a lot to make sure I was 100% happy with the finished result.

How did you meet your supporting musicians?

Supporting musicians are all local musicians who go to the local music college and universities. My brother also went to the same places so I have lots of connections musically with people in the area.

Are you planning to go on a tour any time soon or where can we see you play live?

Once the EP is out I am planning to promote the album and do the bars and pubs in Southampton. Not sure if a tour will come from that, only time will tell.

What are your plans for the future, what are the next steps leading to international stardom?

The future plans are just to continue doing something I love and hopefully make a difference in someone’s life with my music. I wouldn’t say I’m gonna go international but I can only dream!

We’re all for you to get there Lauren!

Keep in touch with Lauren and her upcoming dates on twitter and Facebook and make sure you get her EP on iTunes.

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