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Charlie Cunningham live in Heidelberg

Once again I went to a gig without really knowing any of the songs, but was pleasantly surprised by the talent of the artists. Arriving an hour early at an old and well-known venue in Heidelberg, I found myself in a room full of chairs. The front row being completely empty, like at school, when everyone is trying to be in the back not to be caught of drifting off or doing something else.

Anyway, once Charlie walked on stage, there was an instant sympathy there. There were some technical difficulties but he laughed it off and said: „What an ice breaker, I’m way more relaxed now!“

After living a while in Spain you can definitely hear the spanish influences in his songs. I, personally loved the long intros of some songs, were it was just about him and his guitar.

Charlie has a unique way of playing guitar, which consists of some tapping with the thumb in between. This accompanies his deep lyrics perfectly. He played a good mixture of old and new songs.The song „Outside things“ is a great example, for all the things I just listed. The guitar playing, the lyrics and Charlie’s voice, were flawless!


Charlie Cunningham in Heidelberg

Although he said he’s pretty nervous about playing the new songs for us, you couldn’t tell at all. One of my favourite songs was one of his new EP called „Telling it wrong“ which he described as creepy but he liked it anyway 😉

Charlie really is a charming guy, whose songs are a great combination of his calming voice and the light guitar sound. I just wanted to sit there, close my eyes and dream myself away.

The whole crowd was listening intensively, you could hear a pin drop. The set ended way too soon, but fortunately he came back for an encore and played a cover of the song „Paper planes“ which made the crowd clap along and ended the evening on a high.

He said he didn’t know my hometown before but he loves it (now that’s what I want to hear 😉 ) and would love to come back. You better Charlie!

Charlie Cunningham’s new EP „ Heights“ is out April 8th! Go and get it!


Just a small note: After the gig Charlie was selling his CD’s so I asked if it’s okay for him if I write a review of the gig. So obviously he told me: „Only if it’s good.“ Hope you’re okay with what I wrote Charlie 😉

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