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The Blizzards (with a special podcast)

One of the Irish bands that brought indie rock to the radio waves paving the road for the likes of Kodaline, The Script and Hozier.

She’s trouble… and expensive pension plan that is getting out of hand



Quick facts

Started in: 2003, disbanded in 2010

Hometown: Mullingar, Ireland

Released albums: A Public Display Of Affection (2006), Domino Effect (2008)

Members & instruments: Niall Breslin, Killian Egan (vocals), Justin Ryan, Anthony Doran (bass), Dec Murphy (drums), Aidan Lynch (keyboards)

Best song in our opinion: Trouble

Popularising the soft punk, The Blizzards received just as much scorn as praise for their style. Working with Michael Beinhorn, an American producer who had worked previously with the likes of Korn, Soundgarden or Red Hot Chili Peppers, their original goal was not the audience of the pop radio stations. After playing shows all around Ireland from 2006, their second album (still working with Beinhorn) went to number 2 on the Irish charts, getting them more and more radio play as well.

“I don’t think indie exists anymore,” lead singer, Niall Breslin said in 2008. “I just think indie is gone. Everyone who gets played on daytime radio is a pop band. Indie was around for Oasis. Indie was around for Blur. There’s none of them bands left.”

Their live performances were undoubtedly powerful from Oxegen (the Irish version of Glastonbury with more mud and less celebrity appearance) to their own headline shows at one of which they were supported by The Script in 2007 at the Olympia Theatre. In 2008 and 2009 The Blizzards won the Meteor Music Awards (kinda like the Grammy’s or the BRITs for Ireland) for Best Irish Live Performance.

Still at the height of their popularity, the band went on hiatus in 2010 and bar a brief gig in 2012, they haven’t returned.

Music & Words special

Have you ever considered what songs are without melody? What a different meaning the words will take, standing on their own, lacking the musical support? Our brand new podcast (think of this as a version 0.1, not even the baby chicken but the egg) dwells into the power of words. Or is it the power of music? Have a listen, it’s less than 7 minutes.

Hop over to The Windy Days of an English Teacher to check out today’s post! It’s still music-related and it’s fun 🙂

Today’s featured blogger is Damyanti, one of the co-hosts of the A to Z challenge, my lovely guide and coach as a volunteer. Check out her A to Z posts about Project Why, a charity that works with the slum children and women.

About Miss Andi

Learning to be unapologetically me but healthier. Shamelessly personifying my dog, Mia, who is my soulmate, though doesn't let me read as much as I used to. One day I'll finish a novel that will not save the world - but might make it smile.

17 comments on “The Blizzards (with a special podcast)

  1. Mary B
    2 April, 2016

    I am loving your podcast! Truly digging your accent and the song was really nice, too.
    Twitter: @KnottyMarie
    Literary Gold
    Jingle Jangle Jungle


    • Miss Andi
      3 April, 2016

      Thank you Mary, my accent is my weak point,( I wish I had a better one) so I truly appreciate your comment! ! 💚


  2. greyzoned/angelsbark
    2 April, 2016

    Great podcast! I’m enjoying listening to Music Without Lyrics.
    I haven’t heard of the Blizzards so I appreciate being introduced to them. Thanks for that! Great post Miss Andi!

    Michele at Angels Bark


    • Miss Andi
      3 April, 2016

      Thank you Michele, I’m glad you enjoyed it! ☺


  3. Chicky
    2 April, 2016

    Haven’t heard of this band, but loved your podcast! It seems to be a season for all things Irish… I keep landing on movies with Irish characters too lately!
    I’m blogging on Happiness for this A to Z. Do hop over sometime! See ya…
    – Chicky @


    • Miss Andi
      3 April, 2016

      Oh you’re gonna have lots of Irish music here, I’m Irish in my heart & soul and definitely in my music taste lol


  4. jmh
    2 April, 2016

    Oh, I haven’t heard of this band…thanks for introducing me. I’m not sure about the death of indie music. It’s still there, but a little more underground, perhaps.


    • Miss Andi
      3 April, 2016

      I would agree, I found it was quite an interesting thing to say!


  5. rosemawrites
    3 April, 2016

    Another interesting musician, Andi! 🙂 Would love to know more from you!


  6. therealheatherpaige
    3 April, 2016

    Such a cool concept. And, the fact that I love the band makes it even more entertaining.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. MadlabPost
    3 April, 2016

    I really like the new look of your blog. It’s been some time since I visited and although I knew you were a fan of The Script, I haven’t checked out a lot of their music. I’m going to listen to that song “trouble” today because the lyric you shared about someone being an “expensive pension plan” is so funny yet (sadly) so true for some men who can relate to this. Thanks for introducing me to some interesting tunes 🙂


    • Miss Andi
      3 April, 2016

      Lol that’s why I liked that line too, grasped the sad truth with a funny twist! I like lyrics that make us think in one way or another!
      Thank you for stopping by!


  8. Sarah Vamshi
    6 April, 2016

    Loved your podcast! Interesting information. Thank you Andi.

    @SarahVamshi from
    The Tin Trunk

    Liked by 1 person

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