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Guetta and Goodbye Friend ft The Script #30bandsin30days

If you’ve ever wondered how The Script would sound danced up, well, your wish has been granted.

“Don’t you say that loving lost wasn’t worth the pain it cost”

Let’s make it quick: I’m not a fan of David Guetta. But this collaboration was so surprising, I had to feature it in this series.

The song was written by Mark Sheehan and Danny O’Donoghue when they worked in London and that’s where the vocals were recorded too. It was then sent over to David Guetta who recorded the instrumentals and mixed the song in Budapest, Hungary at Studio X. So no, the artists haven’t actually met or worked together in the classic sense, it’s more like a remix of a song.

I’d personally love to hear a dance-less version but I believe Guetta bought the song so we have what we have.

What I love about this song

The lyrics are pretty brilliant. In fact, this song was one of the reasons I wanted to look into how do the words of a song sound like without the melody which is the basis of our mini-podcast. Listen to a dramatic reading of the words without the rhythm of the mechanical beats.

Don’t they sound more sober, more contemplative and more emotional? I find the difference striking but would love to know what you think! Have a quick listen and let us know.


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12 comments on “Guetta and Goodbye Friend ft The Script #30bandsin30days

  1. eshachaks
    9 April, 2016

    Wat an awesome blog you’hv got😊


  2. Mary Aalgaard
    9 April, 2016

    It’s fun to pull the lyrics out separately. It makes you really think about what the composer was trying to say. You hear the poetry of it.


    • Miss Andi
      11 April, 2016

      I agree Mary, can carry a very different meaning.


  3. leprechaunrabbit
    10 April, 2016

    I am impressed with what you have here, Dearie. Alas, I am not familiar with your choices, but it is very enlightening
    Thank you

    Sir leprechaunrabbit


  4. Arlee Bird
    10 April, 2016

    Not familiar with this artist, but I like the sound. It can be an interesting exercise to hear lyrics recited as poetry. I usually don’t pay much attention to lyrics specifically, but when they grab me it’s for a good reason–they speak to me.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


    • Miss Andi
      11 April, 2016

      I love lyrics, might even be a bit of a lyrics-snob 🙂 thanks for stopping by!


  5. rosemawrites
    12 April, 2016

    a new music to me but! the relationship with the script give it a plus point! 😀

    @rosemawrites from
    A Reading Writer
    AtoZ Challenge


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