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Newton Faulkner

I call him the red hair giant with the time machine. I mean, really, can you listen to him and not feel the magic and the spirit of a medieval English bard?


Photo by Adam Argyle

Quick facts

Started in: 2005

Hometown: Reigate, Surrey, England

Released albums:
Hand Built by Robots – 2007
Rebuilt by Humans – 2009
Write It On Your Skin – 2012
Studio Zoo – 2013
Human Love – 2015

Instruments : Vocals, guitar, sitar, bass guitar, banjo, mandolin, guzheng, guitarron, piano

Best song in our opinion: Teardrop

Describing him with N-words

As this series is part of the A to Z blogging challenge, here’s what you need to know about Newton Faulkner in N-words.

Not Newton, Sam: his actual first name is Sam.

“How did I get my name? No one knows. My dad’s side is very Scottish, with lots of lighthouse keepers, but the Battenberg bit is from my mum’s side, and it’s got something to do with a prince who slept with a chambermaid. But that was a very long time ago. I would have to kill a lot of people to take my place in line for the throne.”

Notorious for: percussive style of guitar playing and soothing vocals

“It’s like a strange dance. There’s loads of bizarre movements and it’s not all contained in one place. You have to carefully choreograph the whole thing, and when you are singing as well it adds yet another dimension, because there can be four things with different rhythms going in different directions at the same time.”

Like a Ngakpa: (meaning a Tibetien  priest or practitioners who may or may not be a tantric specialist with “hair empowerment”) in simpler terms he’s had dreadlocks since the age of 15.

“In Thailand the baldhead priests are about purity and focus, whereas the dreads represent nature as an over-riding force that has to be accepted. It’s a nice thing to belong to, like being a member of a strange club.”

Nomad troubadour: he plays 2 handmade guitars and soundbox. No band needed. (He has a hired drummer now though.)

Newfound freedom: his latest album has welcomed more experimentations thanks to the end of a 4-album-contract with Sony. As an independent artist he used theme writing weeks and collaborations to refresh his style.


I’m really crap at saying no to things. I just say yes to everything. Then I do a bunch of stuff and I’m like [puts on mock exhausted voice] “Why did I say yes to all of that? I’m tired now.” (source)

Naps: as a performing artist with a messed-up schedule he loves sleeps.

Norms: it’s all about the music.

I just love what I do, I can’t not do it. It’s not really a question of whether I do it or not or how hard I work, I generally work as hard as I want to. I really love pushing myself. I make no aspect of it easy. I use my entire range every night pretty much. Playing wise I push myself to the absolute limit of what I can do.

What’s next?

He is currently finishing his UK tour and is already scheduled for some summer festivals. Check the list on songkick.

In April we’re featuring 30 bands in 30 days as part of the A to Z blogging challenge. I’ve selected the bands from the artists that worked or toured with The Script before – simply because they have a good taste in choosing bands to work with! The posts are written by my regular contributors, some special friends as guest bloggers and myself. Sign up if you’d like to keep in touch via email.

Dreadlocks – would you or would you not? What do you think?

Hop over to The Windy Days of an English Teacher to check out today’s post about how I use music to teach English.

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