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The quintessence of modern Dublin: The Original Rudeboys #30bandsin30days

The Irish band that has its own genre. Shall we call it indie rap? Is that a thing?

“Have no regrets in this life you lead, aim high and succeed and give it all till the day that you leave.”


Quick facts

Started in: 2011

Hometown: Dublin, Ireland

Released albums: This Life (2012), All We Are (2014)

Members & instruments: Sean “Neddy” Arkins (rap vocals), Robert Burch (vocals, keys, guitar), Sean “Walshy” Walsh (ukulele, guitar, vocals)

Best song in our opinion: Stars In My Eyes slightly won over Never Gonna Walk Away because of the uke. Uke and rap? The O.R.B. made it perfect.

Connection to The Script: supported The Script in 2013 on their #3 tour in Ireland, Europe, Australia

A fun interview with Neddy

First things first coz I’m a bit confused: are we back on The Original Rudeboys now or is it still ORB? I’m a bit of a stickler for details! Also congrats on the 5 year anniversary! Did you get a birthday cake with a stripper inside?

Thanks for the kind words and no there was no cake or strippers but we are back to the “The Original Rudeboys” name.

Let’s have a quick look back on your 5 years. What’s your best memory, the one that stands out when you think of everything that happened?

It’d be super tough to put the last 5 years down to one single memory that stands out because the reality is there’s so much more than one. And to date we still remember new memories that just come to us and think, That time was great. The obvious good memories was of course releasing our first album and it going Platinum Status!

In what way have these 5 years been better than you imagined when you started to share those songs?

Just to release an actual album was a huge thing for us. And then other things like been played on radio to selling out our own shows are all big things we’ll always remember. We honestly didn’t have any expectations when we came on the scene so when everything starting happening it was so much more than we expected.

What do you still aspire to achieve?

While we’ve done a lot like any other band or artist we feel we’ve so much more to do. So many ideas in our heads at the moment that we hope everyone gets to hear one day in some form or another.

You’ve shared some stories about how those very first songs came to life. If you look back on all the songs you wrote which song’s (super-positive or less than excited) reception did you find the most surprising? Why?

I suppose the songs we where most surprised about getting a huge reception were the earlier songs we put on youtube. Stars in my eyes, Sunny Days, Live your life. They were all acoustic songs that looking back sound a lot better now that we’ve been playing them awhile. At the time we where very new to everything but still the core sound of the songs and lyrics is what connected with people giving them huge views that really surprised us.

Which song is the best fun live?

I would say our favourite song to do live would probably be Live Your Life. Its got a great upbeat energy to it and we usually do it closer to the end and put all the energy we have left in to it making it a great performance.

Which was the most fun to write/record?

All the songs are great to write and record. The writing is thereputic while the recording studio part is any creative persons dream place to be.

What song almost didn’t make the light of the day?

A song that almost didn’t make Album two is one called “Gone Are The Days” at the time it sounded and had a different vibe to the rest of the album so wasn’t been put forward for album two but we worked on it to fit the sound and glad it made it on there. It’s an album track so often gets overlooked but anyone who’s heard it has mentioned to us its one of the most powerful songs lyrically we’ve done to date.

You cover some pretty serious topics in your songs but overall you seem very laidback people. So let’s continue with some less than serious questions.

Do you prefer cheeky Nandos or chill & Netflix?

Hands down a cheeky nandos!

If you absolutely had to choose, would you rather go on a double date with Mark or Danny from The Script?

See this question will cause fights so we’ll go with Glen 😀

Would you rather talk about your facial hair or the Kardashians? (Since the boys grew beards I haven’t seen an interview where it was not discussed…)

We’ll go with our facial hair as we know it well and its much more impressive than the Kardashians.

I heard a story so let’s talk about this: would you rather walk in on Rita Ora or Pharrell on the toilet?

Actually walked into a toiler at a festival with Rita Ora in there (don’t worry she wasn’t on the loo) she was just about to leave and said hello.

Would you rather have one more question or one more beer…?

Beeeeeeeeeer 😀

Right, I could guess that one! 🙂 Still, before you go, what’s coming next? Are you planning on releasing an album this year or are we going to continue enjoying the songs as soon as they’re done, releasing them one by one as you’ve done recently?

We’re in a cool place now creatively and love that we can put songs out even if they’re only rough versions to get feedback from the fans! It’s great to keep connected with them with the one thing we share, Music! We hope to continue that for a bit but we’re always doing something in the background secretly that we say nothing about until the time is right 😀 You guys will just have to wait.

Ahh, tease! I owe you that beer, I won’t forget! 🙂 I wish you the best of luck with the song writing and I’m just utterly gutted I’m not in Dublin for your special intimate gig, would’ve LOVED it! I hope you’ll have the best of fun there and all your upcoming dates in Ireland!

Thanks for the interview and make that 3 guinness 😀

Twitter/facebook: orbsofficial
Soundcloud: orbsofficial

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Did you give a listen to those songs? What do you think?

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2 comments on “The quintessence of modern Dublin: The Original Rudeboys #30bandsin30days

  1. Bish Denham
    20 April, 2016

    Interesting. When you said rap and ukes I went… huh? I did have trouble understanding all the words which is frustrating.


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