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Suit Up, Safety Suit Fans: Things Are Looking Up! #30bandsin30days

We welcome Tandra today as our guest contributor about the American band, SafetySuit.


Photo by Kyla Castle

Quick facts

Started in: 2002

Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Released albums: Life Left to Go (2008), These Times (2012)

Members & instruments:
Doug Brown – vocals, rhythm guitar (2002–present)
Dave Garofalo – guitar (2004–present)
Jeremy Henshaw – bass (2002–present)
Tate Cunningham – drums (2002–present)
Jesse Carey – guitar (2002–2004, with Crew)
Curtis Lloyd – guitar (2002–2004, with Crew)

Best song in our opinion: These Times. Watch the video why.

Gig review by Tandra

Exit/In, Nashville, TN
March 19, 2016

Many fans of The Script were introduced to the amazing live performances of SafetySuit when the lads invited them to open up for them on their US tour in late 2011. Few fans can actually say, however, that they were there the moment The Script discovered SafetySuit. I am talking about 2011’s VH1 Best Cruise Ever.

It was when I discovered the Nashville-based pop rock band as well. Ever since that amazing experience at sea, I have been obsessed with both of these great bands, having traveled many miles by car, plane, even by foot, to see them perform live. One such time was as recently as last month when I hopped in my car and traveled from Florida to Nashville, Tennessee to see SafetySuit after a long two year wait. I was not disappointed.


Photo by Brooke Pareis

SafetySuit, which consists of Doug Brown (vocals/guitar), Dave Garofalo (guitar), Tate Cunningham (drums), and Jeremy Henshaw (bass), have endured many trials and tribulations as of late, yet none of this is evident in their live performances. Bounding on stage in front of a sold out venue and amidst bundles of colored balloons, SafetySuit opened up their 16 song setlist with their newest release, “Looking Up”, from their forthcoming third album. Over-sized lighted balls sailed through the air as the band delivered this hopeful anthem with their characteristic and unmatched energy.

The set continued with fan favorites “Something I Said”, “Let Go”, and “Staring At It”, before introducing two more new songs, “Numbers Or Faith” and “Pause”. By this time, it is clear to everyone in the audience, even those seeing SafetySuit for the first time (as my friend can attest), that the band has an obvious passion for performing and are clearly in their element in front of an audience. There is no arrogance up on that stage… only talent, a playful spirit, and unrelenting energy.


The set continues with “These Times”, which contains a chorus that lends itself to a beautiful sing-a-long. In fact, the audience pretty much takes over at this point, leaving lead singer, Doug Brown, humbled and visibly touched. Of course, he repays the favor by delivering a flawless rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, a song that showcases Brown’s vocal range and captivates the crowd.


Now halfway through their set, it would be questionable to many as to where Garofalo and Brown will summon the stamina to power through more songs, but through “The Moment”, “Someone Like You”, “Beat Of Your Heart”, and “Apology”, they do just that. All of the aforementioned songs are laced with pats on the heads of fans, the kidnapping of fans’ phones for shots of the band, lots of air boxing and spinning from Brown, and gravity-defying aerobics from Garofalo. No bells and whistles are needed, just raw talent and something special. ‘Something’ uniquely SafetySuit.

Finally, Brown knows it’s time to head out into the sea of smiles and sweaty bodies and chooses “Get Around This” to get up close and personal with the crowd. After snaking his way around the venue, he finds himself back up on stage to acoustically perform their much requested “wedding version” of “Never Stop”.

For their encore, SafetySuit chooses “Stay”, their first single to put them on the map through much radio success, and “On Your Side”. Confetti guns explode and endless applause erupts for a band who has just left everything out on that stage. For us, their SafetySuit Nation, who will forever stand by their side for as long as they’ll have us.


Photo by Justine Appari

What’s next?

The band has been talking about releasing their new album since 2014. So far 3 singles have seen the light of the day, On Your Side, Looking Up, Pause. They have just done a short tour in America so fans are more than excited!

About Tandra

Officially a first grade teacher for over 2 decades. Non-officially a music cruise addict, avid concert goer, and lover of lyrics. Heaven to me includes music, nature, a pencil, and clean sheet of paper. Follow her on twitter.

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Did you give a listen to those songs? What do you think?

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2 comments on “Suit Up, Safety Suit Fans: Things Are Looking Up! #30bandsin30days

  1. mkmmajean
    24 April, 2016

    What a great way to expose a lot of people to a lot of different bands. And Safety Suit is a fascinating band name.

    Jean, Repaying your visit to Philosophical Meanderings, Too. ( @PolarBear60 on Twitter

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Andi
      24 April, 2016

      Thanks for the visit and glad you like the concept 😊


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