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#30BandsIn30Days: X for Xover between fiction and reality

The Rockateers have released music under their name but don’t let it fool you: they’re not actually real.


They’re a band featured in the book series of Jamie Scallion, The Rock’n Roll Diaries. To support the book and to bring the songs mentioned on the pages to life, Jamie Scallion teamed up with Mark Sheehan and Danny O’Donoghue of The Script.

Let’s talk about those songs a little. I mean it’s not often that a fictional band releases an EP. Was it always a plan from the beginning to make the songs from the book or how did that happen?

Jamie: Yes. As soon as Script boys and myself had the idea of making music.

How were those songs written? You worked on them with Danny and Mark, was there any particular division of labour, one writes the lyrics, the others pitch in with the music or did everyone do a little bit of everything, a line here, a chord there?

Jamie: Usually I would take a song seed into them and their production and songwriting collaborator, Jim Barry, and we work it up. Everyone jumps in on everything. Lyrics, music. It’s a very collaborative and organic process.

Read the full interview about the books and the songs here.

So far there are 3 EP’s accompanying the books, all with a unique blend of harmonies. The next EP is coming with the next book on the 9th of June.

You can read the friendly song reviews of these EPs here. (I’m biased coz they written by my mates but they’re quite cool, check it out!)

In April we’re featuring 30 bands in 30 days as part of the A to Z blogging challenge. I’ve selected the bands from the artists that worked or toured with The Script before – simply because they have a good taste in choosing bands to work with! The posts are written by my regular contributors, some special friends as guest bloggers and myself. Sign up if you’d like to keep in touch via email.

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