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Social discoveries of the week

3 great sounds I’d like you to check out today from the many great sounds of the world. I’ve found them (or shall I say they’ve found us) on twitter, so please welcome Piuma, Blitzkrieg City and Nostalghia!


Today is another example as to how eclectic my taste is but to be honest I’ve always been kinda suspicious about people who don’t listen to music across genres. Are you always pop-happy or metal-angry? Do you always want to hear electronic or on the other hand, violins? Don’t you need to mix it up? 

While some bands have the capacity to cover a wide range of emotions, somehow we’re capable of feeling even more. Last night for me it went from contemplating fate, through the angry dark side all the way to beautiful giving in.


“Born” from Piuma feels like that moment in the middle of the night with your friends when you consider the big questions: who are we, why are we here, what’s the extent of what we can do? Mix it with a classic Pink Floyd-ish sound and you’ll see why I had to share it.

Piuma, aka David Small says about the song:

Born“, is a song from the EP about birth, destiny vs fate, and not being beholden to the shadows of our upbringing and early life circumstances.  It was inspired partly by MLK Jr.’s thoughts on judging a wo(man) by the content of their character.  My fav part is where it builds during the instrumental jam at the end. 

Check out details and lyrics of the song here.

You can follow Piuma on twitter and all the other usual social channels, check it all on the website

“I play guitar, sing, and did a one man studio band thing for the EP, now getting ready to start writing my next record with some top musicians in LA” he says humbly when prompted for an introduction but it’s a little more than that. As an environmental activist, he released an environment-friendly vinyl, worked in a record studio powered by renewable energy, plants trees to decrease the carbon footprint and works with charities and NGOs to support their work.  This hits just the right notes in my nature-loving heart.

And then as a firm believer in “education is the only equality worth to fight for” I find out that Piuma also worked with Teach For America helping inner city children read. Safe to say this random encounter feels like the beginning of my watch!

Blitzkrieg City

Over on this side of the Atlantic we have the angrier music of Blitzkrieg City. Their single, “Another Broken Day” starts out gentle enough (and with the famous West Country accent) but it soon kicks into gear with high emotions. Make sure you give it a listen on bandcamp, with its neat guitar riffs and big chorus you’ll get into the mood quick!

Follow the band on twitter, that’s how we met them, too!


I checked the music out because the title Chrysalis is also the title of an EP by the Irish talent, Molly Sterling as well. (Which is also awesome music, check here.)

Not gonna lie, Sunshiny Milk was a total surprise. After the piano opening I was welcomed with a voice that sounded strange and harsh but then quickly grew on me and soon I was enchanted. She sings with a curious accent which makes the words all the sweeter, and oh those emotions! They’re hard to escape. 

There’s strength and heartache and anxiety and a little exhaustion here and if we go back to my initial simile,  a night spent talking, drinking, musicing with your friends, it’s the part where you come down from the high. It was great but it’s time to go now.

To learn more about Nostalghia check out this interview which kinda touched almost as much as the music.

Also her twitter is cool.

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2 comments on “Social discoveries of the week

  1. dearlilyjune
    3 June, 2016

    This Nostalghia song sounds a bit like Bjork meets Gaga. Cool find. Great blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Andi
      5 June, 2016

      Great comparison, I’d agree, she certainly has the qualities of those 2. And thank you, I’m very pleased you like the blog.

      Liked by 1 person

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