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#Summerfestivals: Radio 1 Big Weekend

We love festivals. Music 24/7, bands in every corner, bad food, smelly people, lines by the loo, they all weave a bright, flowery display that fills your heart with almost childish joy. Just the thought that there are such magical places out there where the greyness of life can be forgotten is something to celebrate. So celebrate we will, in this new series about our favourite festivals.


It’s official: after Radio 1’s Big Weekend last week the European festival season is open. (It might’ve open before but for me, that’s the true kick-off.) Festivals usually feature of what makes it great to be human: music, art, discussions, love, playfulness and freedom. (It’s the latter that can cast a dark cloud over the bright, flowery display but let’s stick to the good stuff.)

The line-up of the Big Weekend was impressive and the Exeter weather graced it with sun all weekend. (How many people suffered from sunburns afterwards is another question but a price that everyone of the British Isles is surely happy to pay.)

Tom Odell: coz pianos are cool

From the Saturday line-up I have to highlight Tom Odell. I just love his deep, emotional voice and performance, plus you know, pianos are pretty damn cool. And sometimes that’s all you need for great music: voices, piano, passion.

Chvrches: my enigma

I never know how I feel about Chvrches. Empty Threat is a perfect example for my hesitation. Most of the song is OK but the chorus is pretty bland. But before I could give up on it, bam, there’s that gorgeous, emotional, slow bridge that simply takes my breath away.

Honourable mentions

First shoutout goes to Jealous Of The Birds aka Naomi Hamilton simply because the young singer is from Portadown, Northern Ireland, a place that I called home for a while, one that’s given me great memories.

The other mention goes to Spring King – they remind me of The Cure but with better drumming (sorry folks). Interestingly enough the lead singer is on drums which I admire all the more. It’s not as easy as it looks!

OneRepublic: always start a day with this energy

Sunday welcomed big names, among them another band who versatileness and high output I adore, OneRepublic. I’m always impressed with musicians who play multiple instruments and are not afraid to mix it up on stage. OneRepublic’s every member certainly does so. I mean what a kick-off this is!

Biffy Clyro: when the sound engineer fucks up

I know music is not about looks (no matter what the pop industry wants us to believe) but I admit, I’m influenced by it. I was originally drawn to Biffy Clyro because of Simon Neil’s long locks. (What can I say, I’m a sucker for long hair.) It was a lucky thing that their music rocks too, even if the sound engineer was far from doing a good job during their set.

Check the original and you’ll understand why this band is one of the best acts to watch live.

Honourable mentions from Sunday

First shoutout goes to Kyko from Mexico, who played his set so effortlessly.

My big magic moment from the acts I watched on the screen is Emmi. She was featured on Taylor Swift’s list of “New Songs That Will Make Your Life More Awesome” and I totally concur. I was mesmerised by the song, by the musicians on stage, by Emmi’s stage presence. You’ll definitely hear more about her from me in the future coz I’m in love!

What did you think of the Big Weekend this year? Are you going to any festivals in the summer? If you’d like to share your experience with us, let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

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2 comments on “#Summerfestivals: Radio 1 Big Weekend

  1. Claudi
    5 June, 2016

    Thanks Andrea for bringing us closer to great artists! Love the performance of Tom Odell and One Republic! Love your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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