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Heartfelt rock from Ireland with Winter Heart

Guest contributor Claudi is bringing you Ireland’s Winter Heart.

Winter Heart is an upcoming Irish band from Athy, Co. Kildare. The four guys actually started making music together after joking about being a band. Three of them  (Mikey – guitar/drums,  James – vocals and David – bass) have been friends for years before they started making music together. They met their fourth member Patrick (guitar) at a gig (very adequate;).

Edit by Claudi

Edit by Claudi

Their guitarist and drummer Mikey had already played in another band. He had the idea of doing “something really honest with a big sound that could appeal to a lot of people.” They succeeded I think. Their first single “Daydreamer” is a Rock Pop song about love and the loss of it.

The song lyrically came about years ago when my ( Mikey) uncle and grandmother passed away within a year of each other and I saw so much loss and sadness between family members. I used to always say to my grandmother “you’re my hero” when she would save me from the bad guys when I would be pretending to be an army man in her house, hence the line “oh be still my hero” – it definitely reflects the never ending connection of love.

Edit by Claudi

Edit by Claudi

When you read the lyrics below you will recognize that they’re about true felt feelings and the video captures a tragic love story beautifully.

Lyrics Daydreamer from Winter Heart

And I’m a daydreamer,
Through and through.
And I’ll keep daydreaming,
Till I see you.
Bury me, in my sleep,
So when I wake, I will see
That you’re just six feet from me

Verse 1
The days seem longer the later they start,I’m scratching at my chest just to feel my heart-has not been the same,it’s buried beneath all the hurt and pain

Oh be still my hero,,
My friend, dear friend I miss you

I lost all faith in love and hope,
Now I understand the reasons why I cannot cope
Cause I came and saw and loved it
But not as much as I
Loved you

Chorus 2
Oh be still my hero
My friend, dear friend I miss you
For all my life, by day and night
My friend dear friend I miss you

(Choir is the intro)

Keep in touch with Winter Heart

The band made their first single “Daydreamer” available for free download, click here to get it. You can follow their updates about more music on twitter or Facebook. Give them a shout if you like their music.

Our guest contributor, Claudi lives in Germany, near Stuttgart and she loves to make edits. She’s a working mum, a music-lover and a bookworm. 

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