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Music unites us with great people (isn’t that how you ended up here?) and I’ve been blessed to know some who don’t only impeccably crazy music taste but they’re also my kind of crazy.


img_20160306_215520.jpgChampion Netflix chiller. Award winning procrastinator. Certified as the Universe’s Worst Cook EVER. The only thing not questionable about me is my taste in music.

“Life is free so I spend it with abandon”

Heather shares some of her precious finds with us on Mondays, continuing her #MusicMondays she’s been doing on twitter. Read a short Q&A with Heather here.


img_20160307_002109.jpgLive music enthusiast who isn’t scared of travelling for gigs. Tattoo collector and admirer. Hopeless romantic, with a slight obsession for Rom-Coms. Everything she does is extreme, doesn’t matter if it’s extreme napping or falling for musicians.

“Life is about love, last minutes and lost evenings. About fire in our bellies and furtive little feelings.”

Nads writes about her gig experiences. That girl puts us all to shame with the amount (and quality) of concerts she attends! Read more about Nads here.


img_20140827_221253_3_20140828115310684_20150906132437507.jpgAndrea is an experimenting writer. As in experimenting how much not writing can she do before the stories start writing themselves. (So far: a lot.) She loves the ocean, the sky, brown eyes and is easily distracted. Especially with pancakes. (But man, does she make awesome pancakes!)

“You’ve one life to live so love what you do.”

As the editor Andrea writes the features, creates playlists and manages the layout and social media. Get go know her better here.

We love music without limits and without borders but you’ll find that most of our favourites stem from Ireland and the UK, playing rock, folk and indie. Don’t be surprised if there are exceptions though!

It’s a music blog

We aren’t critics. We just have excellent taste.
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