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Lyrics Without Music podcasts

Have you ever considered what songs are without melody? What different meaning the words will take, standing on their own, lacking the musical support?

For me lyrics are very important in a song. Melody is the first thing I like, the first impression if you will, but it’ll be the lyrics that’ll make me fall in love with an artist. Even the Dalai Lama talked about the importance of lyrics recently:

“We shouldn’t confine our enjoyment of the musical experience just to the actual sounds and the melodies, but should also reflect on the content and the message that the lyrics carry. That message is relates to your mind, mental level so that affect will remain with you all your life.”

Our new podcast series explores the power of lyrics without music, looks at how the impression and the receipt of its message changes with and without the company of music. We’ll listen to the song first and then read the lyrics on their own. Some will be less, some more powerful but all will change.

Episodes so far as part of the A to Z challenge in April: lyrics without music

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