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Critical Mistakes by 888 #music365 #day43

8 is my favourite number but there’s more reason than that to feature 888.  

888 band indie

Who are 888?

888 are frontman Danny Stillman, keyboardist Aaron Rothe and drummer Danny Cooper from the beautiful Denver, Colorado. They released their first EP in July 2016 but watch out for this band, they’ve talent, tenacity and meaning.

What’s the song about?

For me, it’s about forgiveness, a new beginning.

“Critical Mistakes” is a song about self reflection, looking back at how you might have done things differently in your life if you had a chance to change the past. Time moves fast and there is much we take for granted these days.” (Danny Stillman to altpress)

Why should you listen to it?

If the great music and meaningful lyrics weren’t enough, check out the video. Unless your heart is made of stone, you’ll shed a tear or two.


How to keep in touch with the band?

Follow 888 for updates on their upcoming music and tour on twitter and facebook.

Lyrics for Critical Mistakes by 888

Let me rewind to the times where we never felt ill
We fill our minds with those dreams and we never miss a beat
Just pass the time staying up, feeling restless at night
Come wake me up before I die and I never get to live

I want a house on the hill by the ocean
I’d let the tide wash away all my critical mistakes
I want a house on the hill by the ocean
I’d let the tide wash away all my critical mistake

Let’s spend the days, empty space, watch the waves in our mind
We count the stars, write our names in the sand beneath our feet
It feels so right blowing smoke clouds polluting the sky
You take a drag before the moment escapes you, feel the light


Let me rewind
We fill our minds
We fill our minds with smoke


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BTW, what is #music365?

music and words blog musc 365 new music every day

Good question! #music365 is my year-long challenge to find and share one new song every day. I sometimes skip a day but always catch up! Listen to all the songs on Soundcloud, Spotify or YouTube and tell me your favourite. I don’t think it’s easy to choose one!

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What did you think?

Did you like Critical Mistakes by 888? What did you think of the video, pretty cool, isn’t it? 

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